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Do's and Don'ts of GRE Exam Preparation

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So you are planning on going abroad for your higher studies and have already booked your GRE date. In the preparation phase, you need to know about the best practices that you should use to achieve your ideal score. The scores of your test are going to last for another 5 years and you might not want to under perform in the exam. Here are some do’s and don’ts which will help you in your endeavor of preparing for the exam.


·  Do take a practice test. Students must take as many practice tests as possible to gain an understanding of the weak as well as the strong subjects.  This will enable you to work on your weak areas.

·   Do set a target score for yourself. Setting a target score helps you prepare accordingly and achieving it. If you take your practice tests targeting that score then you can achieve the same in your final test as well.

·  Do study regularly. You need to make a daily study plan to study at least two hours a day in order to crack GRE. A well-designed plan will help you get the right results.
· Do choose an optimum time. You need to figure out what the best time for you is. Some people prefer studying in the morning and some prefer the evening time. Find out what works the best for you and stick to it.

· Do work on your weak areas. You need to find out the specific areas where you are weak and then start working on them to improve your overall score.

· Do take mock tests. The mock tests will help you in getting a real time experience of the actual GRE exam.


·  Do not get overconfident. While you might have aced your mock tests and the other exams, you can never take your existing scores for granted since the competition is tough and you need to perform well in the actual exam.

·   Do not focus only on certain areas of the test. You need to pay equal attention to your weak as well as strong sections because the score card will show your marks for the next 5 years and getting scores having inconsistency will not be a good idea.

· Do not indulge in burn-out. Most of the time students tend to over prepare for the exam by practicing day and night which makes them lose all their focus and they end up being tired and confused. This also affects their memory.
· Do not have unrealistic expectations. Nobody knows your true caliber than yourself and it is unrealistic to expect the top marks always. Rather, be realistic and know your true potential. Set yourself an ideal score and work towards it.

· Do not ignore GRE essays. Though your essay scores do not have that much credit in your overall score. But that does not mean that you can take the essays for granted. When the scores are compared and the competition is tough then your essays might be the measure used by the evaluators in the screening process.

· Don’t take your GRE when it is too late for re-appearing. You need to keep the application deadline in mind and take the GRE early so that if you want to take it again then you should still have time for applying. You should schedule your GRE test when you do not have any time commitment.  Keeping a track of your scores in the practice and mock tests is a good way of monitoring your progress and it helps you modify your plan every now and again. Thus by keeping in mind the do’s and the don’ts you can meet your ideal score. For professional help you may enroll yourself with Krishna Consultants, an eminent study abroad consultants for GREcoaching in Nagpur having 19 years of vast experience in counseling and coaching students. 

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