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Step by Step Guide to find Jobs in UAE from Abroad

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Step by Step Guide to find Jobs in UAE from Abroad

A lot of people from around the world and especially from developing and underdeveloped countries dream to work in Dubai for higher pay scales and luxurious life style of UAE. However, most of them usually end up with no success in securing a good job. Job seekers also find stuck in visa application process. In this article we are going to discuss the over all process to find a job in Dubai. We have also tried to make the Visa and immigration process simple and easy.

 Where to Start

The first question where most of the job seekers who want to find a job in UAE get confused about where they should start their efforts to secure a reasonable job especially when they are not located in UAE. Most of the people try to find jobs from their home countries without leaving their homes. In my opinion it is not possible or at least very difficult to get an interview call from UAE while you are not living there. It’s only possible if you have extraordinary educational background or skill set. Only 5 to 10 percent people get interview calls from abroad while staying at their home countries so if you have an average academic records or usual a skill set then it’s highly recommended to be located in Dubai before starting your job hunting efforts.

Fly To Dubai

If you want to look for job and you are serious about it then it’s mediatory to fly to Dubai first before starting applying for jobs. UAE don’t offers any work permits or work visas to overseas who are not present in UAE so job seekers need to go to UAE on visit visa first and after getting a job they can convert their visit visa to work visa. Luckily getting a visit visa to UAE is not much difficult or expensive. It will only cost you as low as 200$ to apply for a visit visa for UAE. The duration limit to stay in UAE on visit visa may vary and it can be from 30 days to 90 days (depends on fee you paid). You can also extend your visa for up to 90 days in case you don’t succeed to find a good job there. Following are Visa requirements and process which you will need to follow in order to get your visa application approved.

Visa Requirements

Visa Application Form: 

Having a visa application form is the basic requirement for visa application. You can download your visa application form from official website of UAE embassy. You can also visit UAE embassy office to have a hard copy of Visa application form.

Hotel Reservation Invoice: 

As you are applying for visit visa so having a confirmation proof of hotel booking in UAE is also mandatory with your visa application. You can also add any invitation letter from your relatives or friends to show that you don’t need to stay in hotel while your stay in UAE. Please note that this requirement is for visit visa application and you are applying for visit visa so you have fullfil this requirement to get your application approved.

Character Certificate: 

Character certificate from your local law enforcement authorities is also an important document which you may need to attach with your Visa application. The objective of this document is to show that you don’t have any criminal records while your stay at your home town.

Bank Statement: 

Your recent bank statement is also one of the most important supporting documents which you may need to attach while applying for Dubai visa. Your bank statement shows that you have enough resources to pay for your expenses while your stay in UAE. A solid bank statement can increase your chances to get approved for UAE visa easily.

Visa Process


Once you have all necessary documents ready, you can proceed with visa application process. To apply for visa you can fill out the visa application form and attach all the required documents and send it to UAE embassy office in your country. You can also submit your application by visiting embassy office yourself. If you don’t want to visit UAE embassy at the time of application submission then you can also ask any local travel agent and he can do all the process on your behalf however agent can charge you some extra money for his services.


After applying for UAE visit visa, UAE embassy may call you for a short interview before making any decision on your visa application. In interview they can ask few ordinary questions about why you want to visit UAE or where you have planned to live in UAE during your stay.

Visa Approval:

After conducting your interview the embassy officials will give you a date for your visa application decision. Normally it can take few weeks to get decision on your application. Once you get Visa approval notification from UAE embassy, you can collect your passport with visa stamp from there. Once you have your visa approved, you can enter in UAE territories without any restrictions.

After getting your visa approval, now it’s time to move to UAE. You can buy tickets from any airline by showing your visa stamp to ticket seller. However before leaving your home there is a to-do list which you must need to check once to make sure that you are not forgetting any of these.

To-Do List before Departure

Degree Attestation: 

If you are a degree holder then it’s very necessary to attest your degree first by the academic attestation authorities in your country. Having an attested degree can increase your credibility while hunting a job.

Recommendation Letter: 

Recommendation letters from your most recent coaches, instructors or teachers can also support your increase your job profile credibility so it is necessary to have few recommendation letters which should describe about your strengths and weaknesses.

CV Preparation: 

Most of the people who go to UAE for job hunting usually don’t make their resumes ready before leaving their homes which is a big mistake. As you know that you are going to UAE on visit visa so you have very limited time period to secure a job. You can’t waste your time on Cv preparation while your stay in UAE so it’s very necessary to prepare your Cv before leaving your home.


Getting accommodation in UAE is not an easy task so it’s better to arrange accommodation before you reach to Dubai. You can contact any relative or friend who is already living there or you can book a hotel online.

Arrival at UAE

After landing in UAE now it’s time to start your job hunt. You can visit few tourist spots if you want to but remember that you have very limited time period to secure a job so you must not waste too much time on visiting UAE places. Once you are free, you can start applying for jobs.

Job Hunting

After landing to UAE now it’s time to get started with job hunting. Following are few ways you can follow to hunt a job in Dubai.

Employment Agencies: 

A great way to hunt a job easily is through employment agencies and hr consultants. These agents can help you to land on suitable job through spreading your resume to their employer clients. Such agents usually have a big list of employers and job openings in their databases so they can forward your resume and job application for suitable jobs and can get response from employers in lesser time. Hiring an hr agent can cost you some extra money but it’s an effective way to get hired

Apply Online: 

Another great way to start applying for job in UAE is through job searching sites in UAE. There are many job searching sites you can find to apply for jobs in UAE. Few of them are BAYT, DITRC, CareerJet etc. You can find more job searching sites on Google. You can upload your CV to as much sites as you want to broaden your job search. It’s highly recommended to optimize your resume first before applying for a job. Sending a same customized resume for every job can result in less or no interview calls.


Once you have applied for enough jobs, now it’s time to wait for interview calls. You can get interview calls anytime even on the same day you have applied for a job so it’s very necessary to be available on phone and on email address which you have provided at the time of applying. After getting interview call from an employer, you should schedule the interview time, date and venue of interview.

Getting Hired

After appearing in few interviews you might got few offers to join job from different employers. It’s highly recommended to have at least 3 to 4 job offerings before joining a specific job. It can help you a lot in getting a job which may fit with your interests and qualifications.

Once you have hired and received employment letter, it’s time to apply for work visa/permit. It’s necessary to convert your visit visa into work visa as soon as you get hired so you can stay in UAE without worrying about visit visa expiration. Work visa allows you to live in UAE as long as you hold the job.

Conclusion :

Getting a job in Dubai is one of the most rapid and easy way to brighten up your future career and the most important thing is it’s not much difficult to get hired in UAE.UAE is always hungry for talented people without respect of country or nationality so it’s an amazing place to build up your career so if you have decided to move to UAE then absolutely it’s not a wrong decision. ALL you need is just following the instructions and complete the paper work formalities.

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