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Resume Objectives for Fresher

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Resume objectives are the most important part of your CV as it is the first thing that a recruiter reads. Placed right on top of the resume, a proper objective statement sets the tone for your entire CV and can mean the difference between a resume that gets an interview nod or a CV that is thrown to the trash bin. Here are some tips on crafting the best resume objective and modify it as per your industry requirements.

Resume Objectives for Fresher

Writing a superb objective statement isn't an easy task. A hiring manger goes through a dozen CV per day and to make yourself stand out from others, you need to put in practice great creativity along with presence of mind while creating your CV objective.

Why is an objective important?

If you are freshly out of college, looking to make your mark in the big bad world of corporate, an effective objective is of great importance. Most C Vs are rejected after just a single glance as they are not able to capture the attention of the hiring manager. The biggest culprit here is a badly crafted objective. If you have the ability to come up with an objective that is bang-on, and relevant to the job you are applying to, your chances of getting called for the interview increase considerably.

Here are some of the best practices for writing objective statements:

Keep it Short and Simple:  The best resume objectives end up within 150 words. You are not required to write a book on what you want, because no one has the time and patience to read it.

The content: Your objective should offer enough information to the employer to let him know what job you are seeking and your true potential. Include a key skill and how you will be able to add value to the organization with those skills.

Being specific:

Instead of writing a generic objective that would fit any job, your objective should be specific, in accordance with the current job and industry for which you are aiming. Most generic objectives contain stuff like, “wanting to be a part of successful company     where I can utilize skills for mutual benefit”. Such objectives are pointless as no one would be willingly risk his career to work for a failing company. A perfect CV format will never have this kind of objective. If you are indeed serious about the job, take time and efforts craft a perfect objective. On this note, it will be perfect to introduce you with some objectives for specific roles.

For IT professionals:

While crafting your IT-specific objective create a direct relation between your skills, training's and experience.  

For example:
  • Seeking the position of IT administrator, at the XYZ Corporation where I can utilize my excellent skills in network security and knowledge of operating systems to improve the operational efficiency.
  • Looking for a Software Programmer position at ABC Corp bringing my proficiency in Java, C and other Object Oriented Programming languages in order to maximize the productivity.

For accounting professionals:

Accounting requires strong set of skills along with years of training. The competition is high and you need to put together everything that you have to set yourself apart. Here are some sample objectives for accounting professionals. The basics are not very different from IT-specific objectives, with inclusions like the company name, position title and a mention of a particular skill remaining same.

For example:
  • Secure a position in the account management department of XYZ Corporation and serve as an account manager leveraging my breadth of experience and skills promoting employer growth and success.
  • Leverage my current skills in money management and transaction execution to secure a position in treasury department of the ABC Corporation.

For Sales professionals:

A sales professional has to show his money motivation, sales personality and the burning desire to overachieve targets and sales goals. These attributes should reflect from your sales resume objective:

For example:
  • Seeking the Sales Representative position where I can utilize my 5 years experience to improve the sales bottom line and enhance company’s profit margins.
  • To seek a sales position where I can put to test my skills in creating sales business strategies and develop existing marketing tools.

For Mechanical professionals:

Mechanical engineers do a lot of technical tasks such as repairing, installing, maintaining, creating or modifying different types of thermodynamic and heavy machinery. The resume objective should be able to demonstrate expertise in certain areas of mechanical such as thermodynamics, or Computer Aided Design relevant to the job you are applying to.

For example:
  • Seeking a position of CAD developer in the Machine Design department of the XYZ Corporation and use my proficiency in Auto CAD, ANSYS and Adobe Suite to the benefit of the company.   
  • A result oriented professional having excellent engineering skills and 3 years experience in the position of Mechanical Engineer seeking an opportunity in the product development department of the company.

For HR professionals:

   The HR resume should have an impressive objective which highlights your best qualities and abilities to recruit and the kind of positions you are seeking.

For examples:

  • HR specialist having five years of compensation and benefits experience with skills in HR information system
  • Seeking a position of HR manager in ABC Corporation where I can utilize my 3 years experience and skills in interviewing, appraisals, training and recruitment.

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