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How to Build a Resume for Sales Job and Avoid Common Errors ?

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Not all resumes are equal. Different professions have different requirements thus job applications and their basic compilation tend to vary largely across the globe. When recruiter or hiring manager looks in to the resume of the sales job aspirant there are several key elements he/she ought to consider before filtering the resume for next round of interview. But if these crucial elements go missing, your resume may end up in the rejected pile. To avoid this read on low down here and get some tips to craft an effective resume for sales job profile.
How to Build a Resume for Sales Job and Avoid Common Errors ?

What hiring manager looks forward for?
Have you ever seen a resume of the top sale’s candidate? If you ever come across, you won’t spend much time to search important things as in results, achievements and notable awards as they form the start and center of it.

Managers want to see numbers: - Reports reveal that a number or statistical data is easier to read and remember than a sentence of appealing words. Numbers are easier to scan so try to quantify your resume and incorporate everything you have accomplished.

For instance, any great sales job resume would comprise some sort of variations as in
Achieved 100% results in the first quarter
Sales boost 110%, yielding high revenue figures

All such statements leave an impact. Simply stating “generated 1 lac sales” would not tell the recruiter your goals and your accomplished targets.

Mention your awards: - Hiring managers are more concerned about the number of awards you bagged in your previous organization. Highlighting awards distinguishes you from other prospective candidates. Awards like “Achievers Club” or “Best Sales Man of the Year” should not be listed at the end of your resume instead place them at the top and bring them to the notice of the recruiters.'
How to Build a Resume for Sales Job and Avoid Common Errors ?

What did you sell, how much did you sell and whom did you sell: - These three are important questions to answer. Draft resume in a way that it effectively responses to the above questions and improves your chances of selections. Hiring managers are always concerned about the roles and responsibilities shared by you in the previous job and how you skillfully accomplished it.

One way to specify what you sold is to mention the company’s tagline under the company’s name. Many officials comprise the company’s branded tag line as they are catchy phrases and helps in quick recalling. Besides this, make sure that you mention both your quantifiable results and client’s name so that recruiters can easily figure out how much you sold and to whom.

List out your achievements from top to bottom: - If you still prefer the traditional way of constructing resume, then it’s time to switch to new and contemporary methods. Education does not have to be first in the format; you can always give it a lower preference than your accomplishments. Many sales managers look forward for sales figures and goals. Remember numbers matters a lot.

If you have earlier crafted your resume in abysmal manner, its time you tweak it and give it a right shape.
Location you prefer: - Most of the sales job involves location flexibility. For example if you are looking for a sales job in Bangalore it is not necessary that your activities may remain confined to specific location. There are many sales jobs in which professionals may travel and meet clients at different places, here, aspirants who are flexible about their job location and are willing to relocate to new sites and cities are preferred over others.

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