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Four Success & Happiness Video Teach You "How You Can Achieve ?"

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Success & Happiness – How You Can Achieve?

Successful people aren't species from a different planet, they’re just the same human beings who follow the same life pattern life you, but in a different way. There’s a bridge between the enormous success and failure. Most people don’t even realize that they need to cross the bridge of hardship and failure to reach the top edge of success. Success requires hardship, countless failures and an enthusiastic mind that never gives up. The combination of these three will guide you through the bridge of success. Students find it success as the most exhilarating job in the world but they hardly realize that this isn’t end of the world. The real world is different than what you mean success in textbooks.

1. Success Requires Motivation, Lustful Insight towards Your Goals
Most of the people think too much about their career. They always worry about their lives. One thing that differentiates them from achieving procrastinating and start living their lives is by doing the things they love. When you love your job, you aren't doing a job; you’re living your dream. At the very little age, our elders teach us to think before you do something. Yes, it’s logical solution. But, what happens when you start to think too much? You start to worry. As you start to worry, your motivation decreases and self-doubt goes up. If you’re one of these people who worry before stepping on your journey, you might want to change yourself right now. Don’t think, just do. Watch this video of Varun Agarwal who just did what he loves to do.


2. Being Happy in the Nontraditional Way
Happiness isn’t something that based on a traditional setting. Success and happiness coincides in every case. People who are happy with their lives are quite successful in what they love to do. No matter it’s the least paid job in the world, the fellow will do it whole-heartedly. That’s the difference between a traditional and untraditional way of achieving happiness. Most of our dreams are shattered by our society thought of what should we do in our very own childhood. Some of us can escape the whole world and live their own life in their way and they set themselves in such a great position but others want to be like them. Happiness is bestowed on the things that you love to do the most. A teenage boy Logan LaPlante hacked his happiness through nontraditional way in this video:


3.Remain Curious throughout Your Life
In a never-ending quest of your life, never let your skill of acquiring knowledge to sit idle. Most of our traditional schooling systems teach us to earn good grades without realizing the subject or topic. Most of the success people aren't those who scored mind-blowing grades in their school or colleges. But, they had the most curious minds in their schools. Their curiosity of learning and developing this mindset made them successful people. Never let anyone kill your dream, your expectation. As they say, “Curiosity is the mother of invention”, it’s really true for us. Curiosity enhances our motivation to do something without worrying and that’s the most important part of being successful and happy. Watch how the curious mind of Angad Daryani helped him achieved his greatest successive moments:


4. Start Doing New Things
Most of us keep stuck at the same problem and we tend to run away from it. If you’re staying in the same direction, you’re losing the race. Start doing new things in your life that can add new meaning. Go hiking, skiing etc. These challenges won’t only increase your confidence, but also will change the way you look at yourself. A big change in your life isn't possible with a single step. You need countless trials and errors before you can actually see that you've crossed the bridge. Simple new steps like these are easy achievable and it can change your whole life’s meaning and the way you see it. Watch how Matt Cutts changed his life by doing new adventurous things in his life:


Success in life depends on the ways you treat yourself. If you start living your life without worrying and do the things you love to do with each new single steps, happiness will thrive to your doors and success will be all yours.

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