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How to be an Effective Online Professor ?

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How to be an Effective Online Professor ?
In contrast to the Traditional learning experience, the online classroom and curriculum requires completely new approach. If not managed properly, it may lead to a bed encounter. Mentioned below are some of the tips to be an effective online professor.  

 Illustrate and Teach:
A wrong impression that follows online class teaching is that it is self teaching. Majority of the course material in an online class is pre authored and intended for online presentation. Most of the online professors or instructors assume that they are only needed to guide the students through the learning process. This is absolutely not the fact. For an effective online professor, the lesson should be clearly illustrated and taught to the students for their better understanding. 

Induce Practical Course Supervision Approach:

The online professor should introduce active and practical course supervision approach. Lively interaction with the students is required to keep the students engaged. The instructor can help students in reminding about the skipped or impending deadline, supervising task submission and connecting with them.

Determine Course Pattern and Activities related to Course:

Online class rooms are a preferred way of teaching because of the amount of flexibility that is offered in terms of place and time of class study. For an online professor to be effective, it is essential for him to clearly communicate with the students about the course pattern and the activities and schedules related to the course. This removes confusion among the students and develops a healthy relationship of the professor and students.

Early and in Time Response:

Early and in time response from the online professors is highly crucial for the online students and is beneficial for their learning experience. The students will be motivated to send more queries about their problems if they receive quick and steady response. Good online professors try to answer the student’s requests within one working day.  

Initiate Participation:

An online professor should initiate a health participation of the students in discussions related to basic topics and project issues. This gives an impression of in-person class. Discussion and communication with the online students motives them and creates a good learning environment. The professor can also seek for feedback from the students and try to take note of their suggestions.

Blend Basic Concept with Personalized Teaching Activities: 

Divide the course structure into two different parts. Include the basic concepts related to the study in the part one. Include in-depth core knowledge in the course section. In the second part of the course, guide the students through personalized teaching activities which will require students to apply the basic concept in problem solving and enhancing their knowledge base.  Complex customized learning activities will enhance the teaching experiences and motivate students to perform better.    

Acknowledge Types of Students and Remodel your Approach:

The online students sections may include various types of students. Some of them may be fast learners while others may be slow at grasping the subject. As an effective online professor, distinguish and identify students according to their level and bring flexibility in your approach to deal with each student type. 

Hope the above article helps you in establishing a good rapport with your online students.

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