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Be a Person of Talent and Don't Be a Job Seeker [ Tips ]

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Be a Person of Talent and Don't Be a Job Seeker [ Tips ]

Fast growing market trends and ever increasing competition, has attributed to large scale employment seekers. Major section of the population can be grouped under the unemployed sector or people who are in the transition of a job. Employers and recruiters view job applicants as job seekers and subconsciously underestimate them. Job seekers are viewed as lobbying for work, leading to decisions that mostly degenerate the proficiency and experience of the applicant.

So, don’t project yourself as a mere job seeker and alter the way employers view your profile.

Reorganize your resume as a Progressive Learner:

Follow current trend:
Most job seekers have a wrong impression that lifetime learning experience will draw attention of the employer to their resume. Traditionally, companies used to view the training courses and experience in the relative field as essential for hiring the best talent of the industry. Due to fast shrinking global markets, tough competition from overseas company has brought about drastic change in the preference and hiring procedure of the company. Present employers are interested in employing candidates who have cut through skills and knowledge in their respective field. The hiring decision is irrespective of the number of training programs undertaken in the past and years of experience. Fast changing market demands and emerging trends are rendering once useful training programs as pointless. 

Include Continual Learning in your Resume:
Do not depict your resume in a complete form. Identify the current knowledge trend and join offered courses in your field. Do this while you are searching your job and include the continuing training record in your resume. It conveys a positive response to the employer that you are up to date with the technology and renewing yourself with the cutting edge technology is your individual responsibility. This will transfer you from a mere jobseeker to a field expert and draw company’s attention.

Steer Your Career on Your Own:

Include Efficient Career Management:
Traditionally, years of hard work and loyalty towards their company used to pay back in terms of better job roles and greater career security. The career graph of the employees was mostly managed by the company rules. But current company trends are a stark opposite of the past practices.

New age technology and ever changing customer needs and demands have created a puzzling environment where the company itself cannot predict the required workforce after a period of six months. Years of hard work and loyalty are a dream in present scenario. Fast changing market trends has created a surge of temporary job profiles. Keep up with the market trend and steer your career on your own. You need to shift jobs and switch between employers until they have positive effect.

Rapid shift in technology demands can overshadow your career growth if you fail to keep up with its pace. Learn to be an expert in your field and you’re your talent to draw top employers. Continuous learning and effective self career management will project you as a hard earned assert of the company.


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