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Make your first step the longest stride with these career options in IT

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if you are looking to make a career in IT industry, you could not have chose a better time.  The industry is going from strength to strength with each passing year. The article talks about some of the most promising jobs for an entry level professional in this industry.

A symbol of the knowledge based economy; the spectacular growth in the service sector is led by the IT-ITES sector whose contribution to the GDP, employment and exports has increased considerably over the past decade.  While the contribution to GDP has gone up from 1.2% to 7.5% in a span of 15 years from FY1998 to FY2012, the sector has proved to be a gargantuan source of employment and continues to be so in the current times also, adding 230, 000 jobs in FY2012. The industry is a direct employer to 2.3 million while providing employment indirectly to 8.9 million people.

 IT/ITeS industry has become a brand identity of India with its swanky offices and a professional work force that belongs to a new class of society that has greater lifestyle aspirations and do not fear to venture in the previously uncharted territory. This behavioural change is an inevitable outcome of the rising disposable income of individuals employed in IT/ITeS sector. This attraction of a flamboyant living style is what attracts most students to get a job in this industry. However getting an entry into this sector is not as easy as it seems. Competition is cut-throat and recessionary times haven’t made things easy for the freshers. If you are looking to get a breakthrough in IT industry then the following jobs are the best bet for you.

Applications Software engineer
Application software is simply computer software that is created to perform a useful task.  Application, software and app are the terms that are used to describe the one and same thing. The job of an application software engineer is to design, code, test and implement the software. While starting a career in application software, you can be asked to perform all the above said activities or your role might be limited to a specialisation like testing or designing and accordingly your designation will change to a software testing engineer or design engineer respectively.

Data Management Trainee
Data management has emerged as a the next big thing in the world of technology with most of the major tech firms requiring data mining or management specialist who can develop and implement systems for efficient collection, storage and retrieval of data. A fresher can be appointed as a data warehousing or data management trainee.

Systems Engineer
A system engineer’s role is quite important as he is responsible for developing and maintaining critical technical components   that make for a complete system in an organization. Although there are many kinds of systems out there, like military defence, electric power systems and communication systems, since the topic is about IT we will limit the discussion to information technology systems. An IT systems engineer has various responsibilities to fulfil like manage the LAN/WAN network service, troubleshoot any desktop operating system or network related issues and introduce new technologies in the existing data center environment. The system engineer has one of the best average salaries for an entry level professional.

Database administrator
A database administrator sets up databases that serve as the backbone of any IT organization. Once the database is established, the DBAs make sure that it operates smoothly and efficiently as per the company’s need. His role requires him to test, configure, upgrade, monitor and maintain the database as and when required. There is a huge requirement for DBAs in the industry right now and what more, DBAs are paid handsomely for all the work they do. 

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