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How to work as a Doctor in Australia?

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Australia has many opportunities for doctors both locally and from other parts of the world. Overseas health professionals are welcomed and there are a wide range of opportunities abound in many different locations as well as medical specializations. Australia has a world-class healthcare service and a unique range of working and living environments.

Every state in Australia runs its own hospital system. Australian metropolitan and teaching hospitals are among the best equipped and most advanced in the world, offering first-class healthcare and clinical training. Rural practices and hospitals offer a great opportunity for some hands-on clinical experience. Our private healthcare system is robust and well-funded through Medicare. We have many private hospital groups, independent General Practices and Clinics.
Working as a doctor in Australia is governed by similar rules to many other countries. Firstly you must earn your medical qualifications and pass all requirements to become a registered and qualified GP. For those who completed their qualifications overseas, they must meet the standard set by the Australian medical boards to begin practicing medicine. Candidates will also have to pass an English language proficiency test.
Qualifications earned overseas that are accepted in Australia include:
- UK
FRCS (England, Ireland, Edinburgh or Glasgow) plus Certificate of Accreditation from the joint Committee of Higher Surgical Training in the UK or UK Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training
Certificate of the American Board of Surgery
Certificate of the American Board of Neurological Surgery
Certificate of the American Board of Paediatric Surgery
Certificate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery
Certificate of the American Board of Urology
- Canada
Fellowship in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Neurology, Plastic Surgery or Urology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
- South Africa
Fellowship of the College of Surgeons of South Africa
Australian health professions generally take their structure from equivalent training and careers in the United Kingdom. Those who have worked in overseas medical services will find how well they assimilate into the Australian health service can be dependant on how similar their training was to the Australian medical system.
Australia allows foreign doctors to work under 'Area of Need' legislation or as trainees in most subspecialties. Eligibility is often complex and determined on an individual basis for overseas trained doctors. For temporary work as a doctor in Australia there are a few visa categories, such as visa class 457 (Temporary Business Visa) which is the most common or 422 (Medical Practitioner Visa). This visa will be valid for up to 4 years, but a new visa can be applied for if your contract with your employer is extended.  International doctors who plan to stay in Australian long term may even consider applying for permanent residency after arrival.
Doctor’s salaries in Australia can vary greatly depending on medical speciality, level of seniority and even which state you are working in. These figures, accurate in 2008 show a basic guide to the Australian salary structure.
 Base ($AUD thousand)
 Total ($AUD
 Junior Doctor  
 $60 - $80 
 $75 – $90 
 Middle Grade 
 $70- $90
 $80 - $110
 Staff Grade (CMO)
 $90 - $130 
 $100 - $150
 $100 - $250
 $150 - $350
 General Practice
 $100 - $250
 Private Practice
 $200 - $500+

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