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How to write resume beautifully?

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How to write resume beautifully?

A Resume is a formal document used by an individual to portray one’s personal skills and background. Generally, resume are used in case of acquiring new jobs. It contains education qualification and job experience descriptions. A good resume can fetch you an expected job even if someone performs average. It can substitute curriculum vitae which is a much more detailed version. It has certain pattern and style which makes this formal writing rich and to-the-point.

Some resume types are: Reverse chronological Resume, Functional Resume, Hybrid Resume. Reverse chronological resume is for those who are not professional writers but are interested in listing their experiences. Accordingly they specify their recent experience moving sequentially backwards. Functional resume directly focus on the skill areas of the applicant related to the job position. Hybrid Resume balances both the above types and is less popular than the two above.

We all know some of the Dos we must follow during writing a resume. But there are some issues one shall avoid strictly. Some of them are:
  • Using of bullets in order to space out points is a bad habit indeed. Though one can use bullets as symbols while listing items in order to distinguish them from one another.
  • Leaving margins at the left side of points and paragraphs is also not preferred.
  • Date format should not have any symbolic representation as dd/mm/yyyy. Dates should be directly mentioned. Example: 27th July 2012. So that one does not have to match month name with corresponding number.
  • One should avoid Future Perfect Continuous tense while mentioning experiences and qualifications. Eg: phrases like “have been” .
  • Eliminating the use of word “I” would look more professional.
  • Usage of multiple font colours is a big drawback. One should use black fonts, black table borders only.

Now, there are few simple steps which can decorate a resume. They are:
  • A specific, short objective that will introduce the applicant and his approach towards the job.
  • Educational qualification should be specified inside a table.
  • Educational and professional qualification should be in reverse chronological form.
  • To highlight important information about skills relevant for the job post.
  • One should keep it short and simple. It must be readable and precise so that the reader gets interest. If possible one should try and fit the resume in one page.
  • Extra-curricular activities must be explicitly mentioned. Explanations about certification and skills must be mentioned.
  • Facts should be true and one should avoid generalising facts.

Beyond all these sections one need to concentrate and properly design his/her resume. Though black is the formal colour, one can easily use stylish but readable fonts that should be catchy. Each piece of writing is unique. If 100 applicants post their resume containing lists of awards with degrees, the resume which satisfies the needs of the organisation will only get short listed. So, it is always advisable to use words which directly explains the reader the actual skills present in the candidate.

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