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How do I find the right career for me?

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Career related decision is the most important decision of one’s life because once you find the right career for yourself; you will acquire happiness, success, money, prosperity and recognition in the coming years. Some people are very lucky to find the right career path at an early stage of life. But for some finding a right career is a sweating job. While choosing a career option, one has to keep several factors in mind such as area of interest, personality, ambition, skills and values. 

The common factors which one should take into account while opting for a career include: -
  • Hobbies: - Sometimes hobbies can transform to a great career. Hobbies help you to judge those activities you are good at like writing, painting, singing and photography. Your hobbies also represent your skills. For example if your hobby is to coach students then it means you have leadership qualities.
  • Skills: - The skills of a candidate are based upon his education and natural aptitude.
  • Constraints: - In case of some candidates constraints like financial problem, geographical limitations, inadequate qualifications and physical disabilities and impairment are common. Such candidates have to choose their career keeping in mind all the possible constraints.
  • Values: - Values include beliefs and work culture where one can adjust. So a person should look for a certain career which suits his values and ethics.
  • Ambitions: - There are many people in this world who are highly ambitious. For them work comes first and then family and friends. So at the very onset of the career, you should be very clear about your goals and preferences.
  • Opportunity: - For finding the right career, right opportunity is a must. You must search job portals, newspaper advertisements, perform vocational training and develop networking with people to acquire that opportunity.
One can even meet career counsellors and career development professionals for better guidance and suggestions. Career counsellors carry out different assessment techniques based upon candidate skills, interest and values to evaluate the right career path. This assessment is often referred as self-assessment in which a counsellor combines all the factors present in a candidate and guide him accordingly for choosing a definite career. 

Some take help from career aptitude test which determines the most enjoyable jobs for a person based upon his personality and interest. Few online sites like, and even provide candidates with the method of self assessment through career test. At the end of the test you will be provided with a list of feasible careers options based upon assessment. The list normally contains a number of career choices but you need to do some research and gather basic information on each listed option. You may also seek for support and information from others. Conversing with someone related to a particular field of your choice will provide you with a better outlook. As the decision is very important so you should keep all the factors in mind to identity your strength, weaknesses and acquire necessary skills before making a career choice.

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